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The significance of the Char Dham board verdict


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In a major setback to Hindutva arguments on the state’s control of Hindu temples, the Uttarakhand High Court on July 21 upheld the constitutionality of the Uttarakhand Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board Act, 2019 that was surprisingly enacted by the Bharatiya Janata Party government though Hindtuva forces are opposed to such kind of laws.

Rajasthan High Court’s interim order in Sachin Pilot case raises serious questions

 Faizan Mustafa 
The indian Express

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«Lord Denning, one of the foremost British judges of the 20th century, once observed that “a judge must not alter the material of which the act is woven, but he can and should iron out the creases”. The anti-defection law was enacted to deal with the Aya Ram, Gaya Ram malaise or floor crossing by legislators.»

Independencia de los jueces

javier marTÍnez-torrÓn

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«Un vicepresidente del Gobierno podrá manifestar respetuosamente su desacuerdo con una sentencia, pero lo que no puede hacer es arrojar una sombra de sospecha de corrupción sobre la judicatura española afirmando -literalmente- que “en España mucha gente siente que corruptos muy poderosos quedan impunes gracias a sus privilegios y contactos”»

La historia como instrumento político


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«La decisión de Erdogan de transformar la antigua Basílica de Santa Sofía en Estambul de museo en mezquita no parece tener que ver con necesidades religiosas. Todo apunta a una declaración política, como lo fue en su día la conversión del templo cristiano en mezquita»

Quranic Law on divorce got distorted over time

Tahir Mahmood
Law Professor & former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities
The Tribune

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«Unilateral divorce by married men was not an Islamic innovation — it was a practice already rampant in society which Islam tried to reform. The Quran discouraged it by telling men that a wife who they did not like might be carrying some divine good for them, and the Prophet declared it to be “the worst of permitted things in the eyes of God.»