About this BLOG

Welcome to the ICLARS Blog. This is a new space created for ICLARS members and open to everyone who is interested in Law and Religion. Considering the diversity of backgrounds and nationalities of our members, this blog contributes to maintain a virtual common space of discussion and to provide information about new cases, papers, articles and books in our field.

Guest bloggers

The blog’s editor is Dr. Sebastian Zarate (Center for Law and Religion, P. Catholic University of Chile).

The blog has a section of “Guest Bloggers,” that discusses recent issues in law and religion: cases, recent publications, as well as legislative and policy debates. We will invite every two weeks two guest bloggers. If you want to volunteer, please send an email to sezarate@uc.cl

New books and articles from ICLARS members

One of the purposes of this blog is to keep updated ICLARS members with the new scholarly work of our colleagues. If you want to share your newly published book, book chapter or article, please send an email to iclars@unimi.it

Conferences and call for papers

The third goal of this blog is to provide information about ICLARS conferences, as well as any call for papers for conferences or publications. If you want to share a call for papers for the rest of our community, please send an email to iclars@unimi.it